You can help Ukraine against Russian aggression

You can help Ukraine against Russian aggression

The Russian Federation has actively renewed its military aggression against Ukraine. Since 2014, more than 15,000 people have died, protecting Ukraine’s freedom and democratic choice, more than 1.5 million people were forced to leave their homes, occupied Ukrainian lands were turned into territories of repression and torture with no freedom of speech and rule of law.

New escalation threatens more lives. It also affects regional and global security, and will influence the political and economic stability of the whole Europe and beyond.

You can help.

  1. Disinformation is a part of Russian war. Look for reliable and fact-checked news.

  2. Use correct wording.

    1. Russian troops in Ukraine are not “peacekeepers”, they are invaders.

    2. The so-called “L/DPR” in eastern Ukraine are not “self-declared republics” or “breakaway regions”, they are the Russian puppet republics.

    3. The occupying forces are not “Russia-backed separatists” or “rebels”, they are Russian formed, led and financed proxy forces.

  3. Share as much fact-based information about Russian aggression as you can.

  4. Do not post any information about the movement of Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

  5. Reach out to your representatives in the parliament and urge them to support sanctions against the Russian Federation.

  6. Boycott Russian goods and services not to support the aggressor’s economy.

  7. Joining or organizing a rally in support of Ukraine in your city is helpful. You can send financial support to the Ukrainian army and volunteers, protecting their country against the aggression.

  8. Here are the contacts of trusted organizations:

    1. Come back alive – (works directly with the command and personnel of military units, purchasing infrared thermal imaging cameras, night vision goggles, hemostatics etc)

    2. Army SOS – (manages purchases of necessary ammunition, shields, intercommunication and reconnaissance facilities, etc. and delivers all goods directly)

    3. Hospitallers – (works directly on the frontline)

    4. Phoenix Wings – ( the appropriate equipment & uniform, personal non-lethal protection (vests, helmets), required treatment of the wounded soldiers, and repair of the buildings used by the army)

    5. Ukrainian Women Veteran Movement – (a consolidation of female veterans, amongst other things organizes preparation for actions in case of emergencies and defense situations.

    6. Vostok SOS – (raising funds for various needs of the army)

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