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Norse Knob V2 [Purple]

Norse Knob V2 [Purple]

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Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your mechanical keyboard with the Norse Knob, a meticulously crafted artisan knob designed specifically for rotary encoders. With its stunning knot pattern and superior build quality, this knob is the perfect addition to elevate your typing experience.

  • Design: Intricate knot pattern
  • Mounting Mechanism: Universal stem for all encoders
  • Dimensions: Outer diameter - 18 mm, Height - 18 mm
  • Material: Premium resin construction
  • Additional Features: Brass inserts and hard steel screw
  • Inclusive: Hex key for easy installation

Note: Due to the intricate nature of the knot pattern, each Norse Knob may have slight variations, making it a truly unique piece for your keyboard setup.




18х18mm mm

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